Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm such a {GOOD} mom!!!

It happened again……we have an additional family member. This time the little ball of fluff will only (& I use this term loosely) be with us for 9 days.

For the entire Thanksgiving break rather than the standard 2 day weekend.

So, Eilish (my 12 year old) loves animals and on the 18th she frantically calls me asking me to write her a note stating that she can bring home “said” animal over the break. It happens to be a race for whose parent responds the quickest as to who brings “him” home. I of course respond “NO”! Later that night she’s on the phone with my hubby and tries to persuade him. He says, “I am cool with whatever your mother decides”. Mmmmmm………you know what she heard right? “I am cool with whatever”! Now I love animals too, I do not love cleaning up after them when it’s my children’s job (and it would be her responsibility). But, “I am a sucker for bunnies”!

Now Friday of all days, I am working until noon, Eirawyn (my 6 year old) has her Harvest Feast at 1:30pm and Eilish gets out of school at 2pm. It was a tight schedule but I managed to do it all………even in the rain! We now have “Benjamin” until the 29th, along with cedar shavings all over the floor and bunny hair everywhere. He is getting plenty of attention, while “Jack” our guinea pig squeals for any sort of mild affection.

I {LOVE} the tufts of fur in-between his GI-normous feet!!!