Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Aviator..........

Yesterday, I decided that I was going to take pictures of Eirawyn in one of our new hat styles, the Aviator Ear Flap Beanie. The flower is new as well, it's our broach inspired flower clip. It sells for slightly more than our traditional flowers we pair with our hats, but it's larger and more intricate. Eirawyn, however had different "plans". What might the plans of a five year old be you ask? Who knows, all she knew was that she did not want me taking pictures of her. So I pestered her and kept asking and gathering all the camera gear and her outfit......she still said "No"! After a while, she came to me and said "Ok mom, you can take my picture now". Yes, it worked!!! Who would have thought that kids had it right all along..........keep asking and eventually, you'll get the answer you want. The day was perfect for outdoor shots, a little overcast with big fluffy white clouds sprinkled throughout the sky. Eirawyn was a great model (this time)! On the way back to the car we spotted many cloud animals in the sky.............a bunny, elephant, mermaid. I love her imagination:)

The location of the shoot is close to our house..........thank you Lori for finding it:) I managed to capture the black and white image above (in the header) of Eirawyn on the tree swing and with a little editing actually got a great shot. This is now "The Toile Tales Tree".........I love it!


  1. OH I LOVE that tree shot too! My daughter is the same way with my taking photos of her too. : ) And about finding all the cool animals in the clouds. : ) Very sweet.

  2. I seriously love this hat. You totally need to make it in an adult size. :)

  3. This is the cutest hat EVER, and would look so cut on my Fia :)