Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Amy and I {Lori} have this gift giving, idea creating and picture taking competition between us. Sadly, its mainly to impress each other on our craftiness. It drives me to search for new ideas, play with new patterns, draw my own, pull out yarn once a project is complete... you get the point.

Yesterday was Amy's birthday (which we will be celebrating tomorrow), so I took Elora and Eirawyn out in their made birthday outfits from their Auntie Lori and took photo's of them that they could give Amy. Typically we shoot only our own children, so I thought a different perspective on Eirawyn and Elora would be fun. I took the girls to a place where they had not been shot at so it would be new and exciting for them as well. OK... maybe not exciting, but I did promise to take them back to the same spot in exploring clothes next week.

Eirawyn looking sooo sweet!
Eirawyn's Birthday Outfit
Just because Elora's eyes are soooo striking!


  1. omg! Those girls are ridiculously precious! BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous! Wow! :P

    (And I'm so so sad that I don't have friends like you nearby. I need someone to inspire and challenge me!)

  2. Awww, Very very sweet!!! : ) And yes, her eyes are striking! Happy Birthday to Amy, and I love the headbands!

  3. I wasn't sure who sewed the clothing until I read the blog, Lori, you did an amazing job.

    Amy you did a pretty amazing job yourself making those beautiful girls ;0)

  4. What a good (and talented and crafty and artistic) friend you are, Lori!