Monday, January 3, 2011

The {BRANTON} Family Christmas

This is{CHRISTMAS MORNING} @ the Branton's. I really wanted to be creative this year, so I organized an elaborate treasure hunt for all three of my girls. Now by organizing, I really mean "google searched" some riddles & puzzles for them to solve. I made each girl their own set of clues to find their main gift. I let them help each other too..........some of the riddles were hard to solve.
On one of Eirawyn's, I accidentally printed out the answer on her clue......OPPS!!! Apparently I need to clean, don't mind the tooth paste on the mirror......ha ha! Oh, and my hubby HAD to point out that I wrote the "N" backwards (really forward) on the Playstation3 clue.

When all was said and done, Eilish got an {iTOUCH} and Elora & Eirawyn both got a {PSP}.

The girls got {PILLOW PETS}. I suspect Santa had a horrible time figuring out which ones to give.....they changed their minds every other day! The dog really "likes" his rain coat..........can't you tell? Elora didn't want him to feel left out , so she spent her own $$$ to get him the rain coat. He got doggy candy too!
The girls and I got Call of Duty {BLACK OPS} for the Hubby. Yep that's right, made him wait! He was "the only one who didn't get to play online" on November 9th..........wahhhhh:-( And what Christmas wouldn't be complete without a {FUSHIGI} ? NOT as easy as the commercials make it look.

It's all about the ZEBRA this year (last year was PEACE) Eilish is wearing a special order zebra headband from

My hubby knows me SOOOO well.......I didn't even know I wanted the {APERTURE 3} upgrade until I had it in my hands. Thanks babe, I love it! Cuz' that pic of me would NOT have been posted before editing. Notice the pair of {BRASS KNUCKLES} around my neck? Yep, another swell gift from my man......what the heck???

Hope Everyone had a Great Christmas,
XOXO {Amy}

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